Celebrating some of the world’s greatest love stories – the making of noble hearts.

Unusually traditional in an era that is often subversive and disaffected, Reclaiming the Sacred seeks to show that there is still something special to the classic, old-fashioned truth that our greatest treasure is closer than we think – it is hidden within our very own hearts.


Hi, and welcome to Reclaiming the Sacred.

My name is Isabella Rose, and I am the author behind this site.

In 2012, I began blogging as the Catholic Nomad, and set out on a journey across America to seek out what I call forgotten remnants of the past.

From the very beginning, it was my desire to help my readers (that’s you!) to have meaningful, creative, spiritual experiences in their personal lives, by increasing their access to new, unique, artistic outlets – that reach the heart. 

I wanted to utilize my own artistic nature to create a more intimate space; not only an alternative to the didactic, lecture “styles” that many websites of faith promote, but also an alternative to the “secular” artistic sites where creativity may not be lacking, but faith is.

Perhaps it is the artist in me, but I have often found more inspiration in a poem, a story of a soul in love, or a painting with a deep significance, than in purely rational arguments that stir the mind but leave the heart high and dry.

I wondered if others felt the same way.

While there is always room for discussion and debate about history, facts, opinions, and beliefs, I have come to believe that nothing can take the place of intimate poetry in our lives.

In other words, nothing can take the place of a personal experience, especially a personal experience with love. 

It is my belief that our world does not suffer from a lack of wonderful, strong, rational, poignant ideas, or platforms to intellectually share them on.

Rather, our world suffers from a lack of noble poets, artists, holy “madmen”, and living hearts aflame with love.

While I am certainly far from my great ideal (and sometimes I do share my ideas in the most basic of ways), this website is at the very least my attempt to offer an artistic alternative that strives to bring meaningful personal experiences with faith to life.

Through art, writing, video, photography, and any other creative outlet that I can think of, this is a place for anyone who wishes that the presentation of belief could be something more personal, and hopefully more poetic as well.

For those who prefer those long theological treatises, purely rational debates, or hearing what a random blogger did at 2 pm each day – I will be honest in saying that this is not the place. While I respect the need for many such outlets, and have even enjoyed quite a few, they are not what I wish to create.

Instead,  I seek to take what I call the “structure” of faith, and fill it in with “color” – giving life to its forms – in whatever small way that I can.

Come sit with me for a bit, take a break from all of the debates, and lets Reclaim the Sacred together.

I am glad that you are here.

Isabella Rose


© Copyright 2015 Reclaiming the Sacred. All rights reserved.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Reclaiming the Sacred!
    I would like to describe myself using the cluster of characteristics you have listed here:
    * I am a fairly deep person holding a BA in Philosophy. The larger the question, the more I am intrigued.
    *I would like to travel but can’t afford it. Books, not Kindles, provide my adventures, alter universes.
    *I enjoy a story or two along the way
    * The mystery of God’s love piques my curiosity the most
    * Somewhat intimidated by art, although I do appreciate it, especially religious art
    * I know there are bad guys out there and want to see them loose [lose?]
    * I do long to be apart of a great mission, namely the overturning of Roe v Wade. I may not see it in my lifetime, but I believe it is in the making….
    * I do have a spiritual side and am a passionate lover of wisdom
    *I am always looking for more inspiration, wonder…

    thank you & feel free to visit by blog!

    1. Hi Ponder Anew!

      Thank you for visiting and for leaving such a lovely comment. I enjoyed reading it, and I agree that the end of Roe v Wade would be a great mission to be apart of. Hopefully someday, if women realize their worth and value, it will happen. Maybe we will see it (one never knows!).

      You have a lovely site and I am going to go browse around a little more on it. God bless you and thank you again for commenting! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I am sorry for the delay replying – I have been away from the blogging world for a time. I really appreciate your nomination very much though, and I am sorry that I did not see it sooner. Thank you. 🙂

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