As the Catholic Nomad, I sometimes have the opportunity to visit sacred sites that still promote an ancient, forgotten way of life.

While I am not a professional photographer by far, along the way I attempt to document what I see, and share such images with my readers to the best of my ability.

I call them “Documentaries,” but in reality, they are unofficial musings, either through words or images, of the places that I have seen.

I will list them below as they are completed, and I hope that you will both enjoy them, and share your thoughts with me along the way.

St. Gianna Oratory (Holy Family Church), Institute of Christ the King

Tucson, Arizona

  1. Can You Guess the Mystery Church? Come play along, and see if you know what traditional church this is.
  2. Under the Tucson Sun: A Photographic Memory, Part I: Click here to visit one of the most unique churches in my Latin Mass travels. A mix of Spanish, Mexican, and European influence, with a pure desert simplicity, this one was a charm.
  3. Under the Tucson Sun: A Photographic Memory, Part II: Click here to check out a little bit more of the church’s exterior, visit the neighborhood that surrounds, and see some of the more minor exterior details that might otherwise be overlooked. This helps to set a real sense of “space,” and is intended to help bring the viewer more personally “there.”
  4. Under the Tucson Sun: A Photographic Memory, Part III (Conclusion): Click here to view images of the interior of the church, as well as a Sunday Mass!
  5. A Desert Church Comes to Life: Watch the New Video Here: Click here to view a short, evocative, trailer-style video on this historic southern church.

Clear Creek Abbey


  1. The Journey Is the Destination: The Way to Clear Creek Abbey: Click here to view, through images, the prologue “experience” of journeying far into the remote countryside to Clear Creek Abbey in Oklahoma.
  2. A Remnant of Medieval Europe in the Heartland of America: A Clear Creek Abbey Documentary, Part I: Click here to view the experience of seeing the main sites of Clear Creek Abbey for the very first time.
  3. A Clear Creek Abbey Documentary, Part II: The Call To Prayer: Click here for the photographic view of praying in the main church of Clear Creek Abbey. Witness an ordination, the Liturgy of the Hours, Eucharistic Adoration, and more!
  4. A Clear Creek Abbey Documentary, Part III: Daily Monastic Life:Click here to view random scenes from daily life around the grounds of Clear Creek Abbey.
  5. A Clear Creek Abbey Documentary, Part IV: The Final Visit: Click here to experience the final visit at Clear Creek Abbey, which consists of the Lower Church, the nuns quarters, and views of the Abbey from within the hills.


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