Simplicity can sometimes be more welcoming than all the fancy signs in the world.

The following are short, trailer-style videos that I have created and shared on YouTube.

The last three are listed under RTSacred Productions (Reclaiming the Sacred Productions). Newer video additions are under Isabella Rose. 

I hope that you will enjoy them as I add them.

Under the Tucson Sun: A Photographic Memory of a Desert Church

A desert church. A border town. A photographic memory.

This is a short, trailer-style video for my three-part series of the same name, filed on this site under the section entitled “Photography.”

(You can also click here to begin the series.)


The Forbidden Rite: The Latin Mass, Part III


Their truth is so radical that to speak of them, and what they represent, has become almost forbidden.


The Forbidden Rite: The Latin Mass, Part I

6 thoughts on “Film

  1. I watched all three. Well done, Isabella Rose. You managed to show the beauty and power of the Extraordinary Mass and Holy Mother Church in just a few minutes. Are you planning on making more?

    1. Thank you so much 8Kids. Yes, I do want to make more in the future. With this new site I am trying to keep all that I do on the up and up though, which means I have to purchase all rights to the music, images, video, and/or use my own images. Since I do have to go outside of myself to source some of the materials, new ones will probably be slow in coming as I can afford them. But hopefully that will not be too long.

            1. You are welcome. Happy Sunday to you as well, 8Kids! I appreciate very much that you like the name. It was hard choosing one, so I am glad for the positive feedback. St. Rose is an incredible saint, as are all the saints (but being that she is a Dominican saint, I am a little partial 😉 )

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